In life there are many many choices to be made, some good some not so good. Some choices will tough and some easy and others will be very simple. Choices are not to be made difficult; they are there to make you go through a descion making process to deteremine right or wrong and these choices will lead you down a path of whatever life you choose to lead. Choices will either lead you to defeat or victory.

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What to do?

There at time it seems that there is nothnig to do. In another state I used to live in on Fri and Sat I would go to the local country club and dance all night long to live band and DJ. Wooden dance floors ranging form 1000 to 2500 Sq Ft and to where people actaully did traditional Texas 2-Step, not this jump and down skip rope polka they do here back at my home town. There is really no regular place to go to to be able to sit down listen and dance to country music, unless a country band is booked at some bar that does have a dance floor, but they are no bigger than an old cast iron tub, or the kitchen sink. No place to move around no dance etiquette, what so ever and people just bumping and running each other over. It gets quite frusterating at times.
The point is just wish there was a local country bar to go to sit relax to get away, but then again prolly wishful thinking cuz i doubt that will ever happen here in this town.

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Absolute Great time

This past weekend an ole friend came to town, and haven’t seen this person since 1985. We met at a local watering hole with two others from the past and had a beer, food and the bestest fries evah. So after a couple hours later went to a friends house and woke them up and it was a great surprise for it has been awhile since the 5 of us had seen each other.

Started a fire in the backyard and sat around talked under the gorgeous illumunating moon with the silhouette of mountains in the back ground.

That was probably the most fun I have ever had really. Except for jumping out of airplanes…

Anyways, sat by the fire talked, laughed well past midnight on a glorious moonlit northwestern rocky mountain sky.


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In a “Funk”

Not from the “Glee” episode from this past week, sheez. Memorial day was just a couple of days ago and and next Wed Jun 9, 2010 I joined the military 23 years ago. so it is like a double funk.

Memorial day is a big deal to me and has been ever since I joined the military and got out a few years ago. It is a day of rememberance for those in the military past, present and future.

The military gave me a sense of belonging, now that I am out, I feel that I lost some of that belonging infact I have. I have been out for sometime and missing the comraderie and the sense of belonging.

I know I’ll get out this funk it will just take some time.


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Newb Doog

Ok so here I am brand new. Really not much of a writer or a blogger by no means, so not sure if I will be accepted into the blogosphere or doogosphere?  Hopefully though I will be.

I did what I could to get by in highschool by taking college prep writing and creative writing I think there was another writing course in there somewhere can’t rememeber though.

Not sure how blogging or “Dooging” I will be doing, I do know that it will not be an everyday event.¬†


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