What to do?

There at time it seems that there is nothnig to do. In another state I used to live in on Fri and Sat I would go to the local country club and dance all night long to live band and DJ. Wooden dance floors ranging form 1000 to 2500 Sq Ft and to where people actaully did traditional Texas 2-Step, not this jump and down skip rope polka they do here back at my home town. There is really no regular place to go to to be able to sit down listen and dance to country music, unless a country band is booked at some bar that does have a dance floor, but they are no bigger than an old cast iron tub, or the kitchen sink. No place to move around no dance etiquette, what so ever and people just bumping and running each other over. It gets quite frusterating at times.
The point is just wish there was a local country bar to go to sit relax to get away, but then again prolly wishful thinking cuz i doubt that will ever happen here in this town.

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